In which hand you should Wear the Watch Wear?

In which hand you should Wear the Watch Wear?


In the bustle of everyday life, everyone wants to control time. For the first time, the watch mechanism on the strap was invented in 1868 and was more a decoration for the girls of that time than a useful device. Modern watches can tell about their owner, about his wealth and about the situation in society. What is a watch? Decoration, a symbol of seriousness and stability, or a useful thing?

The question on which hand to wear a watch correctly excites everyone equally. However, so far no one has given an exact answer to it. There are a large number of pros and cons of wearing on different hands. Both hands are equally important for a person, so which hand will be more correct for using the watch?

Considering that many inhabitants of the planet write with their right hand, then in this case the watch is put on the left hand. Most of the models are equipped with a factory on the right, so wearing them is easier and more convenient. The soldiers who participated in the war put a clock on the left hand. Using weapons with the right, officers put them on the left hand, in order to avoid breakage.

It is also believed that people are more successful, attentive and more active if they wear a watch on their right hand.

For those who write with their left hand it is more correct to wear a watch on their right hand, for convenience and to protect the watch from bumps. For such people make special watch models that differ from the main models. On the working hand, this accessory will be more noticeable to others. To stand out from the crowd, many people put a watch on their right hand, demonstrating a difference from the rest.

There is a parable about a thieves' clan who wore a watch on his right hand, to distinguish him from ordinary citizens, and citizens, in turn, changed clothes on their right hand, to protect themselves from robberies and robberies.

On which hand the girls should wear the watch correctly, one cannot give an exact answer. If for boys it’s a functional thing, for girls it’s more. The woman’s choice depends on what she will wear the watch. For example, if there are bracelets and rings, a woman will put the watch on the hand where there are no accessories, or fewer. Women can choose a hand even according to their mood, therefore, there is no logical explanation for the correct wearing.

Before putting on a watch, you need to decide where to wear it will be more comfortable, convenient and more correct. The clock should not interfere with or restrict movement. When choosing this accessory, focus not only on its appearance, but also on the convenience and width of the strap, as it sits on your hand.

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