Application Fields of Vacuum Freeze Dry Machine

The vacuum Freeze Dry Machine is a new type of equipment that combines the refrigeration system, the vacuum system


The vacuum Freeze Dry Machine is a new type of equipment that combines the refrigeration system, the vacuum system, the heat transfer oil heating system and the moisture discharge system. It can greatly utilize the dry vacuum drying of the material space in the tank to make the powder after drying. Good dispersion. The operation of the vacuum freeze dryer is simple, and the material can be frozen after being put into the material box after starting up. The freezing process of the material, on the one hand, the vacuum system is vacuumed to take away part of the water; on the other hand, when the material is frozen, the moisture in some molecules is discharged to the surface of the material to freeze, after the freezing requirement is met, The heating system heats and dries the material, and the water contained in the material is brought to the freezing and collecting box to be frozen by vacuuming, thereby achieving the requirement of freezing and drying of the material.

According to experts, the vacuum Freeze Dry gf-machine needs to pre-freeze the product box. The pre-freezing process is critical and determines the quality of the product to be dried.

After the pre-freezing is completed, the product is evacuated and heated to remove moisture from the product. Note that the heating temperature should not be too high during the drying process. After the end of drying, it should be filled with nitrogen or vacuum packed. The vacuum freeze-dried product retains its original physical and chemical properties.

In the past ten years, the vacuum Freeze Dry Machine industry has made great progress and its application fields have gradually expanded. In the field of life science research, it can be applied to antibodies, proteins, tissues, microbiology research, etc., so a large number of vacuum freeze-drying applications are applied to the biopharmaceutical field.

A large number of pharmaceutical industries use vacuum freeze-drying to prepare vaccines, antibiotics, and the like. A large number of freeze-dried health products in the field of health care products have been active in the health care products market, such as freeze-dried Cordyceps, freeze-dried sea cucumber, freeze-dried antler, and freeze-dried Dendrobium.

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