How to Sell a car Under a Preliminary Contract?

How to Sell a car Under a Preliminary Contract?


In addition to the usual contract of sale , which is concluded when the car is transferred from the seller to the buyer, there is a preliminary contract form. This document allows you to fix the preliminary agreement of the parties to the transaction. Something like a way to confirm the seriousness of the intentions of both the buyer and seller, and “book” a car for a particular person.

What does the preliminary contract contain?

A sample of the standard preliminary contract for the sale of a car contains the specified term for the conclusion of DCT. The rest of the form of compilation is no different from the contract of sale, which is concluded in the future.

Data and documents entered into the preliminary contract of sale of the machine:

Name of the parties - data on jur. a person or individual purchasing and selling a vehicle;
The term for signing the main DCT is a specific date or indication of an event (for example, after a seller repays a car loan);
Data about the car - information about the subject of the transaction, allowing it to be identified;
Payment method - one-time or by installments;
Responsibility of the parties - for violation of the terms of the agreement, liability arises in court, one of the parties may attract the other;
Final agreements and signatures.
This is a sample of a preliminary contract:

If the prepayment for the vehicle is less than 10 thousand, then the legislation allows you to conclude such agreements orally. But everyone understands that the conclusion of oral agreements carries risks, and it is advisable to document every step in any transaction.

How to terminate a preliminary car sale contract
It cannot be ruled out that at some point a person for one reason or another will refuse to conclude a transaction under a preliminary contract.

Unlike a prisoner of Prison Law, a preliminary bill can be terminated. Before the document comes into force, its termination without problems and difficulties is possible only by mutual agreement. Together, the preliminary contract can be terminated by a peace agreement, with the return of the pledge, advance payment and car without forfeits and conflict.

If the termination occurs at the initiative of one of the two parties, the expenses that the party incurred due to the termination of the contract are reimbursed, moral damage is added here. It will turn out a substantial amount, which the injured party can sue.

Perhaps peaceful termination, but it needs reasons:

Disruptions in the delivery time of the car;
Failure by the seller to comply with the insurance conditions;
Inconsistency of vehicle characteristics claimed;
Lack of documents for the car.

The seller also has the right to terminate the agreement if the buyer does not fulfill his obligations: he refuses to pick up the car at the specified time, does not pay the insurance assigned to him under the contract, does not pay for the goods on time.

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