It will not be necessary to provide documents if we ship documents of no commercial value. In this case, the mention documents must be indicated in the section of the contents. Otherwise, it will be treated as a package and will have to follow the appropriate customs procedure.

In the event that the documents are not exported or imported to or from outside the European Union or areas with independent customs, the goods must be accompanied by the necessary documents for customs clearance.

It is the responsibility of the contractor to verify that all requirements are met, because in the case of unauthorized goods being sent or requiring additional documents, they will be necessary for the goods to be transported to their destination. In the event that this does not arrive on time, this could be returned to the sender (with the corresponding cost of return) or, in some cases, retained by the customs.

It is also important to keep in mind that the recipient has to pay the fees (we can not, unfortunately, tell you the amount of these extra charges as it depends on the agreements depending on the type of goods and the country of destination. contact the customs or the embassy of the country of destination to obtain information on the approximate cost, as well as the necessary documents). At the end of the contract, As noted, in addition to this invoice, it may be necessary to provide additional documentation.

All documents must be placed in a customs envelope that is securely attached to the box so that it is visible when needed. (We recommend that you keep a copy of the documents provided so that you can return them if necessary, as in some cases they may be lost during transport.)

Our shipment must be properly packaged according to the content . The content must be authorized by the chosen service and the country of destination. For safety reasons, some goods can not be transported by air (aerosols, lithium batteries, etc.). In the event that air transport is not possible, the option of land transport (standard) would be studied.

It is also important that you check the list of prohibited and restricted items (both at Packlink and at the carrier you have selected and for the country of destination).

It is very important to check and provide accurate information about the shipper and the consignee to avoid delays in collection or delivery. The information must be in Western characters. It is not allowed to send to PO boxes .

It's important to track your shipment . During transport, incidents may occur. The sooner they are detected, the sooner they can be resolved. If, after the collection of your shipment, there are no changes in the tracking on our website, you can contact us so that we can review the information and provide you with the link of direct follow-up of the site Internet carrier.

In the same way, in the case where, during your follow-up, you detect that an incident is displayed or that the follow-up is not updated, contact us. Thus, we will be able to check the state of the dispatch and act as quickly as possible on the incident.

Exports to or from countries outside the European Union or areas with independent customs will require the payment of customs duties and fees, which must be paid by the recipient for delivery.

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