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AMPZ is the LinkedIn for sports in Africa, connecting talents to a world of opportunities.

AMPZ is the LinkedIn for sports in Africa, connecting talents to a world of opportunities. Our mobile app facilitates talent to opportunity matching by helping talents curate their data and content while giving them access to verified opportunities and scouts. Our goal is to match over 5,000 African talents to their dream opportunities in 5 years.
The African sports market is currently worth about $7 billion (1% of the global market) and sports talent sourcing is currently done manually and offline with little or no historical data on talents. The gap in this ecosystem has left young talents exposed to risks of exploitation and trafficking with over 1,500 young boys moved out of West-Africa yearly under false pretence. AMPZ is the first of its kind in Africa providing a platform to connect the African sports community to the world market and help talents reach their dreams while mitigating against these risks.

About the Founder

I am AbdulJabbar Momoh, a graduate of accounting from the University of Benin, Nigeria with a keen interest in impact-driven entrepreneurship. Starting from very early in life, I worked closely with my father in various capacities and so I quickly picked interest in business research and technology amongst other things. This drove me to start my very first business (Punnet Technologies) and develop my first product which was an e-book solution in my first year in University. With that little win, I began to believe there were no limits to what I could achieve.
During and after my time at university, I began to explore other growth paths that led me to discover the importance of impacting my immediate society by driving thoughts and building products to tackle simple problems. Since this realization, I have since committed my life to build impact driven businesses that would spark the much-needed change in my home country Nigeria and the African continent at large.