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Hello #Starters Once more, I'll like to welcome you all on #TheStarterbook, our professional Social Network dedicated to connecting and empowering african entrepreneurs. I'll like to say a word about the use of this platform. The first thing to do when you sign up on a professionnal network like thestarterbook is to setup your personal profile, and toroughly fill it with acurate and precise information, to help the right people get in touch with you easily. The next thing is to take advantage of the features of the social network which, for the moment are 1-The Initiative feature: as entrepreneurs, we all have start-ups or some kind of initiative or project we are working on, and we may want to advertise it, to get funding, mentorship or support from members of the community. So, you have to create and set up your Initiatives on the network to accomplish this. 2-The Community Module: Communities are great tools that our members can take advantage of, to come together around specific topics and form meaningful groups. 3- The Marketplace : As entreperneurs, we all have something to showcase or to sell, be it a product or a service. The marketplace is the suitable place where users can post and sell those elements. Other users can search and browse products  by categories, and they can get in touch with the seller in one click. 4- The Blog feature: One of the most valuable tools for an entrepreneur is knowledge and information. The blog feature is where all users can read and interact with publications from the other members in the form of articles on various topics related to entrepreneurship and business. Every user has the ability to create and manage his own articles on the network blog. 5-The Forum feature : The Forum feature is designed to allow members to interact on various entreperneurship topics, to share their ideas, challenge their viewpoints and learn from others as well. The Messaging System : TheStarterbook is powered with a powerful instant messaging system that allows its users to privately and securely interact with each other. It is a poweful networking tool that all the members can easily take advantage of. 6- The events features : The Event feature is designed to allow users to create, search for and manage all kinds of event they may be organising or attending and that my interest other members. We believe events are great opportunities for entrepreneurs to learn effectively and connect with partners and customers. This is to name just those ones. I'll end by making it clear that, we are the one to build up our community and make it thrive. We are looking forward to hearing from you whenever you have a suggestion about how we could make our platform more and more useful to its users.

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