The Competitiveness Of The Printing Machine

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a printing machine can do up to 12 colors called multi-color overprinter, you can print all the products at once


Now with the printing machine to print product descriptions, trademarks and other drawings of more and more manufacturers, exactly why they are willing to choose the printing machine as their own choice, exactly where is the competitiveness of the printing machine? In fact, the printing machine does have many of the same kind of printing equipment does not have the advantage.

First of all, a printing machine can do up to 12 colors called multi-color overprinter, you can print all the products at once, so as to improve efficiency and save money, even if the small manufacturers just built the factory can afford this part of the cost, in contrast, similar products screen printing machine multicolor overprinter appears to be expensive.

Secondly, compared with the characteristics of the screen printing machine, the ink layer of the printing machine is very thin, which means that it is easy to leave traces on the surface of any product, whether it is plane, surface or wave surface, can be perfectly copied printing drawings, but the screen printing machine in this regard is very complex, the planar wire printing machine can only print plane, If you want to print surfaces and wavy surfaces, you need to apply another curved screen printing machine.

Moreover, the printing machine has a very good color performance and printing adaptability, although screen printing technology printed with a strong three-dimensional sense, hand touch can feel the uneven realsense, but if it is more than the printed product category, the printing machine can definitely be called a panacea, whether it is plastic or metal, whether it is sporting goods or glass products , it is a piece of cake for the printing machine.

It is this high performance of the printing machine, low price characteristics, only fully adapted to this commercialized highly developed material society, only become the first choice of contemporary manufacturers, for the whole society to transport high-efficiency machinery.

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